Styling Products:What makes sense for Auburn Hair

Styling auburn colered hair is absolutely the most important aspect of the end result. Perhaps this is a contradiction but drying auburn hair and styling auburn hair are completely different things. Drying Auburn hair is the process of removing moisture, were styling is the process of accentuating those areas of the hair and facial features that you would like to make more prominent or draw attention away from. Choosing the right products and groups of product is so important as well as choosing the proper tools. My goal is to allow woman with Auburn hair to fully understand why their hair is different and the vast amount of styling tools and products that are available for their auburn hair as well as the ones we will stay away from. Although I will never put down a product what I will do is list what is great and perhaps give direction to another product that may be better in an area our clients are looking for. Here we have some featured products and as we grow we are developing pages for more specific products as well. Thanks for visiting the site and I am sure we can always help you find what you need.If you have a question,




Aerosol hair Spray:



Palm Aides:

<Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray

Product Description: It's pretty much what it says it is (only it's not just for fine hair). It's for blow-drying, setting, protecting from heat and adding volume, lift and control. Loaded with polymers that act as setting agents, plus wheat protein to condition, moisturize, and help repair environmental damage.Heat-styling essential and a blow dry basic for all hair types. Just the right amount tames frizzes, gives lift and control; never feels gummy. Imparts structure, moderate hold, body, and heat protection for all kinds of hair types. We Love this product for auburn hair because it protects the hair and the color by doing just enough, use a little and spray from about 8 inches to lightly mist, work through hair and start styling.

Bumble and Bumble Prep>

Product Description: Full of herbs and vitamins that condition hair and soothe the scalp, this rich elixir smoothes away the tangles and helps styling products adhere evenly. Great for natural looks. Lower pH than water; super-gentle and invisible. Detangles and lubricates for a build-up free start to any styling regimen. What I love is that it absolutely protect color. This is so valuable especially when working with the subtlty of auburn, the hair need to stay shiny with a tight cuticle. This product is great with any line.